About PK HUB

PK HUB is a company that is specialized in legal innovation. Our mission is to discover and study opportunities for improving legal services and to create legal solutions that offer clients and users brand new experiences.

The work we do can be divided into three interrelated pillars that feed one another: education, innovation and acceleration.

Education is the foundation of any well-developed strategy and we believe that legal innovation is impossible without well-prepared professionals. With this in mind, PK hub is always searching for the newest developments in terms of training and courses related to Advocacy 4.0.

As the key to any strategy, innovation is responsible for breathing life into projects that seek to develop new legal solutions designed by our professionals. Our approach makes use of methodologies such as Legal Design and Agile Law to create services based on technologies like blockchain and artificial intelligence.

Acceleration: finally, the “hub” in our name refers to constructing a support ecosystem for LawTechs and LegalTechs, whether born out of projects initiated by PK hub or originating elsewhere. The idea here is to help legal startups by providing them with mentoring, access to potential clients, professional training programs, events, conferences and partnerships with companies and investors. 

Our mission is to contribute to the digital transformation in the area of law by combining over 20 years of legal experience with a specialization in technology and innovation.