Digital solutions

At PK hub, we believe that the future of legal services lies in a move towards digital channels and that projects developed on the basis of legal design (using technology to improve the user experience) will prove to be the most promising.

In a world where everything is online, where commands are executed through the touch of a screen or a voice command, and where decisions can be made based on data analysis, the area of law must move into the information age and assume the role of strategic partner.

here are some of the digital solutions that we are developing:


A platform that helps a company’s DPO (data protection officer) in managing its legal obligations related to the LGPD.


This platform assists with the necessary voting processes when migrating business to the online world. It makes it easier to organize events and bring together the voting parties, offering increased speed, practicality and security.


This startup offers a chatbot that assists legal departments in responding to simple and repetitive questions generally posed by other parts of the company that often take time away from the legal team and can slow down company processes as a whole.