Support for startups

Our mission at PK hub is to create a complete innovation ecosystem in the area of law. This is based on our belief that supporting startups is an essential component in the cycle of providing education and training for innovation and promoting the development of innovative solutions.

Flexibility is the hallmark of this initiative, especially considering that each startup has its own unique necessities.

Based on the Venture Building model that involves networking support, investments and specialized sectoral mentoring, we also get our hands dirty by helping startups refine their products and services.

The following startups are already working with us: 


Founded by Brazilians and based in Crypto Valley (Switzerland), this startup developed a platform using blockchain technology (Ethereum) that issues tokens backed by high-end real estate located throughout the world.


This startup is specialized in platform integration and digital marketing. All the solutions BlueMaxx offers are developed internally by specialized professionals, allowing this startup to parameterize and customize its solutions based on the necessities of each client.

GLR Tech

This startup specializes in energy generation using waste from internal combustion engines. By resolving two large environmental challenges – increasing energy efficiency and reducing pollution by promoting the sustainable consumption of diesel fuel – the company has attracted both public and private interest.